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Success does not come out of the blue. If you know today what will be in demand tomorrow, you can be proactive and save time, energy, and resources. With weather & radar XXL and weather & radar home you can check the weather development quickly as you pass by. Save yourself time-consuming research and enjoy making plans with certainty. Service tip: Use weather & radar home to inform your customers wherever they are - whether in the hotel lobby, restaurant or waiting area.

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✓ 24/7 weather information for your location
✓ Customizable features
✓ Planning security for you and your customers

Solutions for every format

weather & radar xxl

✓ Offers all the features of the weather & radar home in a compact, flexible HDMI box

✓ Control via air mouse remote control

✓ For every screen format

✓ Best visibility in large rooms

✓ Information and eye-catcher in one


Small eye-catcher, great added value

weather & radar home

✓ Touchscreen control

✓ Indoor sensor for humidity and temperature

✓ Viewing angle stable HD display

✓ 1200x800 px resolution

✓ Can be used anywhere

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What weather & radar XXL and wetteronline home offer you

WeatherRadar - Live for the next 90 minutes

At a glance, you can see the weather for the next 90 minutes for your location live on the large WeatherRadar map. A tap is all it takes, and the innovative Wi-Fi weather station shows you the weather development for the next one and a half hours in a short clip.

Weather during the day, current temperature and weather trend

The lower section of the screen shows you the weather over the course of the day in a clear and concise manner on the left and the weather trend for the coming days on the right. The time and current temperature are displayed in the middle.

Now new: Pollen count forecast

The service for allergy sufferers provides a detailed forecast of the current pollen count. In addition, the four-day forecast for the respective location enables better daily planning.

Now new: Detailed UV forecast

The information on radiation levels indicates what protective measures you should take now and over the next five days.

Further weather data

You can customize your display with just a few taps. Simply select the additional weather information that is important to you from the menu.

My location

Your location is automatically determined when the device is put into operation. If you wish, you can enter a different location in the "My location" menu item that does not correspond to your current location. You can also return to automatic localization here at any time.

14-day weather

Select the menu item "Trend" in the interval view of the forecast day and see the weather trend for the next 14 days with temperature development.

Continuous operation

weather & radar XXL and weather & radar home 3 are designed for continuous operation. Customizable usage times, automatic retrieval of weather data and installation of software updates make Weather & Radar’s solutions very user-friendly. The latest weather information is always available at a glance and helps you plan your day.

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  • 1. Connect power

  • 2. Set up Wi-Fi

  • 3. Let’s go!

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